How to sew a cute coin purse.


I recently bought a second hand sewing machine and have been OBSESSED.

So I thought I should whack out a simple,no experience needed sewing pattern for you guys!


What you’ll need:IMG_4274

One 8×6 inch piece of the outside fabric.

One 8×6 inch piece of  the lining fabric. (I used the same fabric for both, but feel free to mix it up. Get crazy.)

One 8×6 inch piece of thin fleece batting.

One 2.5×2.5 inch piece of the outside fabric for the tab.

9 inch or longer zipper.

Sewing machine. Duh.



Alright,lets get down to business.


1. Lay your lining fabric down (right side out). Pop the batting on top of itand then the outside fabric (right side out) on top of that. Pin it to keep it aligned.


2. Now we are going to ‘quilt’ it, like that Chanel handbag you’ve always wanted. 😉 You can quilt it however you want, but I usually just do straight lines. Once you’ve done all the way along. Press it well with an iron.


3.While you’re at it with the iron. Fold the tab square into quarters lengthwise and press it with the iron too. Sew it down to secure.



4.  Okay now for the zipper! Don’t freak out! It’s easy peasy. Line up the top of your quilted loveliness with the top of the zipper (faced wrong side up!) Sew it with a 1/4 seam allowance.




5. You’re doing really well! Flip it over and trim the excess (about half) of the seam allowance. This will reduce the bulk in the finished product!



6. Okay, now we need to press the zipper back. After that’s done top stitch that bitch.



7.  Now have the zip facing up. Fold the bottom to line up with the top of the zip. Pin it and sew it with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Trim it just like the first side.



8. Okay, now you’ve got to undo the zipper. Next press back the zip like you did with the first side (except this time the zip is open). Top stitch that bitch again! Boom.



9.  Okay turn the purse inside out and get the zip in the right spot you want it (I put mine about 1 inch from the top.) Make sure the zipper is in the middle. (you don’t want to cut it off, I guarantee that, ha!) Trim both of the ends of the zipper and put the tab in raw ends out (seen in photo).  Pin it.



10. Sew all along the side of the purse, from top to bottom. I back sewed over the zip to secure it. (Yeah I know it’s messy. I was drunk when I did it…) Trim the ends a bit.



11. Alright, fun! Turn it the right way round and press it again. And it is done!

You are a genius, pat yourself on the back. 

Post it on instagram to brag and while you’re at it, tag me @ohsillypili and let me know how you got on!



One thought on “How to sew a cute coin purse.

  1. You know you’re a housewife ask for a sewing machine for Christmas. I hope I get it because my daughter would love this!! I’m loving your blog. So many great ideas, keep up the great work! 🙂


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