How to sew a simple baby’s bib.

I guess I am getting to that age when my friends are starting to have babies. I’m always one for a hand made gift and so, I came up with this simple pattern for a baby’s bib. (I don’t have babies, I have pugs. Hence the model πŸ˜‰ )


Things you’ll need.

This printed pattern.Β (In full size – on A4 paper)

Outside fabric.

Terry cloth for the other side.

Small bit of velcro (or any other fastner you fancy).

Sewing machine, thread, scissors blah blah


What to do:

1. Print the pattern for the bib and cut it out. Stick the bottom bit to the top.

2. Fold your outside fabric in half and place the pattern on it.Β IMG_1227

3. Pin the pattern down, trace around and cut it out.IMG_1236

4. Do the same with the terry cloth.Β IMG_1239

5. Place both pieces right sides together and pin them in place.


6. Start at the bottom of the bib. Sew around the outside with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Make sure you leave a gap to turn it inside out.


7. Turn it the right way around and press flat with an iron. I always move from the middle outside so that the edges lie nice and flat.

8. Now we are going to top-stitch it.



9. Cut little bits of velcro and sew them on the neck bits.


You are finished! Hurrah! Well done you!




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