How to make a felt Christmas tree decoration

Holidays are coming!


What you will need:

A foam cone (whichever size you like)

White felt

Hot glue gun (or glue)


Any little decorations you want to decorate the tree


1. Cut your felt into strips and then (all-but-one) into rectangles. You’ll need a strip to wrap around the whole bottom of the tree. You can make the ‘branches’ any width and length that you want. I tried to make them bigger at the bottom of the tree and smaller towards to top.

branches rounded

2. Get your glue gun heated up. First things first you want to glue the strip to the bottom of the cone.

3. Once that is in place you are gunna start gluing the branches on so that the tips are level with the bottom of the base (see picture).


Once the first row is done. Begin with the next one, making sure the branches are neatly and evenly staggered. I’ve found this looks better. Some of your branches may overlap where you glue them, but that’s all good.

progress round

4. Keep going til you get to the top. To cover the top of the cone I glued four branches.

tree top round

5. Get your ribbon and spend the time to get your bow just right. I like having the long tails, but you can definitely do them shorter. Glue that on.

ribbon round

6. Glue on any decorations you want. I just put a little pearly/mesh flower thing on the front centre of mine – just cos.

pearls round

Christmas is by far my favourite time of year. I would love love love to see your creations!


tree round


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