My Grandma’s Shepherd’s Pie.

When we were kids, our Grandma would always cook us the best Shepherd’s Pie. It is legendary in our family! She lives back home in England and when I was on the phone with her recently, I got her special recipe. It’s … Continue reading

Skinny vegetable lasagna.

Here is my delicious and only slightly naughty recipe for vegetable lasagna. Ingredients: Olive Oil spray Half an onion Three cloves of garlic, minced A whole bell pepper – I used yellow, but any colour will do! Two small crowns … Continue reading

How to make t-shirt yarn.

I have been making my own tshirt yarn for a few months now and it really is the ultimate upcycling. And it is really easy too! What you’ll need: A plain old tshirt (the bigger the better!). Preferably with no … Continue reading

How to make a dreamcatcher.

I have had a whole bunch of requests for my dream catcher pattern, so here goes! What you will need: An embroidery hoop. (I have used a 5 inch and a 7 inch before – just depends how big you … Continue reading

How to crochet a beautiful rose.

As promised here is the easy peasy pattern for a beautiful rose! What you will need: A small ball of yarn. An appropriate sized hook for your yarn. I used a 4.25mm. Scissors. Yarn needle.   1. Chain 32. Put … Continue reading

How to crochet a heart coaster.

When I posted pictures of my heart coasters on my Instagram – I had a bunch of requests for the pattern! Being the people pleaser that I am, I thought this should be my first crochet pattern on the blog. Plus … Continue reading

Welcome to the Oh Silly Pili blog!

Let’s get down to business!

My raison d’être is to percrochet heartsuade you crochet can be cool, pugs are the greatest animals on the planet and baking can (sometimes) be skinny.

In the coming weeks I will show you how to crochet an adorable heart coaster (look at the photo for a sneak peek), how to crochet a beautiful rose and give you my secret skinny lasagne recipe. Yum.

I’d love to hear your comments and feedback, so follow along and let me know how you like it!