Delicious Homemade Mint and Basil Pesto.

So good. ย On pasta, quinoa, lasagne, as a sauce over grilled veggies or meat, in your sandwich…oh the possibilities.     What you’ll need: A blender! Obvs. 1 cup (tightly packed) fresh mint leaves 1 cup (tightly packed) fresh basil … Continue reading

My Grandma’s Shepherd’s Pie.

When we were kids, our Grandma would always cook us the best Shepherd’s Pie. It is legendary in our family!ย She lives back home in England and when I was on the phone with her recently, I got her special recipe.ย It’s … Continue reading

Skinny vegetable lasagna.

Here is my delicious and only slightly naughty recipe for vegetable lasagna. Ingredients: Olive Oil spray Half an onion Three cloves of garlic, minced A whole bell pepper – I used yellow, but any colour will do! Two small crowns … Continue reading